Thymuskin Forte Shampoo 100ml

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Thymuskin Forte, the dispensers are more efficient and new formula does not contain Parabens or Silicone. The innovative product line is containing the patented unique fully synthetic peptide library GKL02 in double concentration. The formulations are characterized by content of ecological safe preservatives, surfactants (mild cleansing and ph-neutral to skin)which do not contain any perfume allergens. The Forte Products contain the same active ingredient complex as the Gold. 

Thymuskin Forte is used in the treatment of: 

Androgenetic hair loss 
Moderate to heavy hair loss 
Seborrheic scalps, extremely dry scalps & cutaneous irritations 
Eyebrows, axillary and pubic hair loss 
preventive care to avoid hair loss 
increased hair loss during menopause 
to stimulate new hair growth 
dandruff and itching scalp 
to improve and restore hair condition 

This product is the highest concentration of the Thymuskin product line.

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