Thymuskin Prevent Shampoo 100ml

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Thymuskin® PREVENT is an all natural product, gluten free and clinically proven to protect the hair follicles from high dht levels and stop hair loss in both men and women, without side effects.  Protects against enhancement supplements that boost dht levels, it: creatine, steroids, etc.

Thymuskin® PREVENT:  The right dosage for economical long-term use!

In vitro test models have shown that the Thymuskin® ingredient complex in a specific preventative concentration is particulary suitable for use as a preventative measure.

Hence, Thymuskin® PREVENT should be applied:


Preventatively: Hereditary hair loss is often first noticed in the parents.  From the receding hairline through to the characteristic "monk's pate" (where, generally, only a circular fringe of hair remains).  Characteristic in women: the hair becomes thinner with age and the scalp becomes visible.  Applied early, before the first hairs fall out, Thymuskin® PREVENT can have a beneficial delaying effect on the typical course of androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss). 

For early and mild hair loss:  The dosage of the Thymuskin® PREVENT ingredient complex is sufficient to counter hair loss in the early stage effectively


After successful treatment of hair loss with Thymuskin®:  Hair loss is eliminated and it is desirable to maintain this state.  Since the cause of hereditary hair loss cannot be eliminated, long-term use is important.  Thymuskin® PREVENT is suitable here, since it only contains as much active ingredient as is necessary and, hence, helps to keep the costs for the necessary long-term use with reason.


The success of Thymuskin® for hair loss is based on the biological activity of the synthetic ingredient complex, Thymuskin®.  This invigorates and activates the immune defenses in the hair and skin cells.  Thymuskin® increases cell vitality, the remaining hair follicles are re-activated, the formation of new hair is stimulated and the growth phase is markedly extended.  Depending on the preparation, theThymuskin® ingredient complex consists of various dosages with different excipients.  Consequently, specific targeted effects can be achieved.

Regular use of Thymuskin® is indicated:

  • for hair loss
  • for hair defects (i.e., split ends, brittle hair, sensitive hair)
  • for dandruff
  • to promote hair growth
  • as protection against environmental effects

Item Directions First rinse your hair thoroughly through with warm, clear water in order to remove any water soluble dirt particles from the scalp and to stimulate circulation. Then massage 5-10mL of Thymuskin Shampoo into the scalp and hair for about 1 minute. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.